Wolf Kahlen

Wolf Kahlen was born in 1940. Mixed-media artist, architect, performer, professor of the Berlin University of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin). Wolf Kahlen participated in over 600 group and solo exhibitions.

Founder of the Videoforum in Berlin (1970/71), ADA I and II (1973/1974)

Since 1985, director of the Ruine der Kuenste in Berlin.

Solo exhibitions since 2000:

2000-2001: Retrospective III, Raumsegmenet and Drapes 1965-1969, Ruine der Kuenste Berlin
2001: Tibet, Mongolia, China, video-documentaries, German Institute of Culture in Taipei
2001: Retrospective IV, Since Gutenberg: Books/Photos/Internet, Ruine der Kuenste Berlin

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