The Twożywo group was founded in 1995 by Krzysztof Sidorek, Mariusz Libel and Robert Czajka. Today Twożywo is the Libel-Sidorek duo.

Since Twożywo's beginning, we have been interested in public space as a field of social communication. The methods and media that we use are addressed to passers-by, internauts, generally accidental people physically or virtually travelling through communicative and IT systems.

The dozens of sticker projects that we have made, each in several thousand copies, are still visible in many Polish cities. Our posters, stencils and murals are presented directly in the streets.
In the center of Warsaw, and sometimes in other Polish cities, two our new billboard projects appear every month. In our projects, words and slogans are key elements, therefore we haven't formulated any manifesto - our works speak for us. In spite of our preference for public space, sometimes we decide to present our works in galleries.


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