Sarmen Beglarian

Sarmen Belgarian was born in 1973 in Armenia. He's been living in Poland for fourteen years. He graduated from the Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw with a degree in Psychology. A graduate of the Curatorial Studies Department of the Art History Institute, Jagiellonian University. Beglarian is a curator at the Piotr Nowicki Gallery. He cooperates with the Foundation of Polish Modern Art.

Among his works is the independent project entitled "Nie lękajcie się!" (Fear not) in six Warsaw apartments (2006) and co-curating of several exhibitions:

- "Katarzyna Kobro. Sculture and pastels 1947-1949" (2003),
- "Henryk Musiałowicz. Painting and sculpture" (2004),
- "Szukam cienia. Warsaw, Poland, the World" (2004),
- "Władimir Niemuchin. Ceramics" (2004),
- "Dominik odnaleziony. Works 1952-1965" (2005),
- "Szymon Urbański. Painting" (2005),
- "Jakoś to będzie / Political choices in Poland AD 2005"
- "Ecce Homo" in the Belgrade Civic Museum, 2006
- “Architektura intymna / architektura porzucona” in Kronika Gallery (Bytom 2006).

Beglarian published his writing in magazines such as Aysor (Armenia); AIM Magazine (USA); Exit (Poland); Obieg (Poland). He co-founded the "" association for the encouragement of voting and active citizenship.


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