Rostyslaw Kramar

Anyone who has some knowledge of the Ukrainian reality will know how it can feel to be born in a family, in which the father comes from the Western area of the country, and the mother from the Eastern… I first encountered allusions to my mixed roots at the age of five. I had to become a Ukrainian patriot.

My student years were those of the formation of the independent Ukrainian state. Since the second year of my studies I became socially and politically involved. I toured the country with the mission to "awaken" the people. I have gained aot of knowledge of Ukraine after these visits in rural areas. That has given me a lifelong interest in folklore and local cultures. I have studied, written a PhD and have been occupied with many things: journalism, criticism, teaching, social activism, poetry… At a patriotic manifestation I have met my wife.

Now we find ourselves in Warsaw, where I teach Ukrainian history at the Warsaw University and cooperate with Polish NGOs to organise study programs for Ukrainian journalists. During the recent orange revolution I was one of the organizers of the solidarity action. In order to continue the patriotic endeavor, I have begun editing a Ukrainian journal in Poland, which deals with many Ukrainian affairs and is available to all interested Polish readers.


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