Ołesia Chomenko

Chomenko was born in 1980. Between 1998 and 2004 she studied at the National Academy of Art and Architecture under D. D. Lider. She employs diverse media, however, her medium of choice is painting.

She is the coordinator of the REP group. In 2005 and 2006 she was a residentof the CCA in Kiev.

Ksenia Hnyłycka

Hnyłycka was born in 1984, she lives and works in Kiev. In 2003 , she graduated from the National Academy of Art and Architecture. Painting is the medium of choice. Hnyłycka actively participates in international and local exhibitions.

Żanna Kadyrowa

Born 1981. Visual artist using mixed media - photography, video, sculpture. In her sculptural work the artist frequently recreates quotidien objects.

Mykyta Kadan

Visual artist, oil painter, youth artproject curator. In the REP group, Kadan is responsible for artistic actions in public spaces.

Wołodymyr Kuznecow

Kuznecow is interested in painting, video, installation and textile design.

Łada Nakoneczna

Born 1981, interested chiefly in graphic arts, video and photography. Laureate of several institutional awards. Nakoneczna experiments with graphical techniques. In 2006 she took place in the exhibition Contested Spaces in Post-Soviet Art, Sidney Mishkin Gallery, New York.


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