Łukasz Gronowski

Lukasz Gronowski employs video, photography, installation and the Internet. He was born in 1979; graduated from the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 (faculty of Multi-Media Communication, dipoma under Krzysztof J. Baranowski).

Founder of the Ikoon art collective.

In 2006 Gronowski received a Ministry of Culture artistic grant.
The artist lives and works in Warsaw.

Selected exhibitions since 2005:

Ltd Gallery, “Art [it] works”, solo show, Warsaw
Zero Gallery, “Art in the room”, Ikoon collective show, Berlin

- CCA Ujazdowski Castle, EPAF - International Performance Festival, 11-14.09.2006
- Yours Gallery, “Projekt - 2xP”, group exhibition, 10.08-30.09.2006
- Kronika Gallery, “Sztuka w słułżbie lewaków?”, 23.06.2006, Bytom
- Polish Institute, Prague, “Videoprzestrzenie” Video-spaces, 14.04.2006, Prague
- Zachęta Gallery, Casting, 12.06-28.08.2006, Warsaw
- 2nd PixelDance Videoart Festival, 12-15.05.2006, Thessaloniki, Greece
- K4 Galerie, Neue Wege – polonishe videokunst, “ Institut für Polnische Kultur“ 08-13..05.2006, Saarbrücken
- 2nd Athens Video Art Festival, 07-09.04.2006
- UND 1, Supermarket Karlsruhe, 09.03-12.03.2006
- dla… Gallery, 03.03-20.03.2006, Torun

Lukasz Gronowski on patriotism


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